Publisher : Ocean
Release date : 1990
Genre : Action
Players : 1
Game description...
"Air, Sea, Land. They are the men of the U.S. Navy's special forces. You control the team. You control the action. You hold the fate of innocent lives in your hands."
Programming :
Graphics :
Music/Sounds :

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Editors review...
Navy Seals review coming shortly.

  Utterly brilliant - simply can't be faulted for the machine it's on. Nicely detailed and animated sprites plus excellent use of colour giving a really moody atmosphere that fits with the game. Stunning title screen image.
Another Ocean corker - the title screen music is as good as you'll ever here from the AY chip! No music in game which I think actually works better that way, but nice jingles inbetween levels too.
Ocean always usually do good in the sound effects department, and in this release all focus is on them in game as there's no music - it doesn't let down. Great shooty and explosion noises, the clink on metal as you climb ladders, etc. All to high standard.
For an 8-bit release - again I just can't fault it. Stunning title screen and music, level intermissions, an excellent ending (wait and see!) wrapped up in excellent graphics, music and SFX. A lot of care has gone into this game and it shows.
Programming of the highest standard, has anyone found any bugs in the game? Everything moves liquid smooth, collision detection spot on, and I love how you can jump up to ledges and then be able to swing along underneath them! All these great touches expertly done.
It's a swine of a game! But it keeps me coming back again and again. Detonating bombs, killing terrorists and rescuing hostages - all great stuff well implemented. Great wide range of weapons including machine guns, flamethrowers and grenade launchers!
Ouch, this is a tough game. You have to persevere and practice. And then practice some more. Learning the level layout is essential, but with the opening level tough enough as it is - the thought of having to go back and start all again next time you boot up just to reach that level again will probably put most off. A password system would have solved this issue alas. Still however, you'll come back to this again and again wanting to make it further...
Based on the flop movie, but as video game concepts goes controlling a crack team of Navy SEALS shooting bad guys, blowing up bombs, rescuing hostages etc is all great gaming material.
AI & Challenge
The game presents a great challenge for sure, but is it too much of a challenge? As it stands, its just too tough and not the difficulty curve that should have grown from easy up. The AI is brilliant though, terrorists stalk their areas listening out for any noises and movements from yourself and take action accordingly - they're not stupid! The game becomes much more tatical rather than run and gun, and some clever thinking is needed. If only you had a password system to restart next time from the level you got to ... honestly this would be full marks. Otherwise...
GX4000 Features
Hardware scrolling and sprites! Full pallette being used! Brilliant!!
Summary What a shame this lacks a password system and is in the end just too tough. There's nothing worse than paying near 30 for a game and completing it after a few goes, on the other hand you can go overboard the other way - I guess Ocean wanted to make sure this game would last! Aside from that, one of the top games on the console easily and definitely one to own.
Final Score 90%
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  Amstrad Action final score : 88%
  GX4000.CO.UK game ranking : #
  Game value (boxed + instructions) : £20 - £45

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