TROJAN LIGHT PHAZER - Skeet Shoot & The Enforcer

Publisher : Trojan
Release date : 1990
Genre : Light Gun
Players : 1
Game description...
"(No official game description found that is on back of box)"
Programming :
  Robin Morris & David Phillips
Graphics :
  Gareth Williams
Music/Sounds :
  Trevor Stainsby

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Editors review...
Here we have one of the rarest items for the console, a light gun pack with 2 games made by a company called Trojan. The 2 games in question are Skeet Shoot and The Enforcer; I'm not sure if the latter was sold separately or not which may have been the case given that it also allowed you to play with crosshairs and a joystick. It also means this is the game I've tested playing as Skeet Shoot comes with no such feature and I can't get passed the opening calibration screen. I have seen screen shots of Skeet Shoot (to follow shortly here) and it looks marvellous, as does The Enforcer. So the focus of the review below will be on the Enforcer, but is for both games given that the programming team was the same.

The gun itself, the "Light Phazer" (note the spelling with the Z rather than "Phaser") is actually just the old Magnum Light Phaser with a new sticker on the side and the connectors changed to fit the new Plus/GX4000 light gun port! Clever chaps! If they weren't part of the same company then I guess they just bought up the surplus old stock and converted them! Actually, it's not too difficult to do yourself as this article on the excellent website ran by "deepfb" shows you how to -

Some additional photos and screen shots for you -

The gun itself up close

The Enforcer pack sold on Ebay loose just the cart and instructions

The Polish bootleg factory strikes again! Doing just what Trojan did and converting an existing Magnum gun and copying the Skeet Shoot cart.

More photos of Skeet Shoot to follow shortly.

  Utterly marvellous Plus graphics on both games, a joy to see.
Excellent music on both games, and a selection of tunes.
Brilliant bangs, cracks, phhllatts, pings, etc. Can't fault it.
Extremely well presented with nice intro screens before levels, main screens and in game graphics and design is marvellous complemented by lovely music.
Having only really been able to play The Enforcer properly, but coming from the same programming team I can assume that Skeet Shoot performs just as well. Nice lovely smooth hardware assisted sprites, moves at great speed and fluidity. Even using the joystick on Enforcer the cross zip across the screen - essential as there's so many enemies to hit very quickly! Very well done indeed.
How to judge this? Who's going to have the lightgun to play this as it is? I guess I have to judge the product on what it's designed for so I'm making a big assumption that the light gun itself picks targets exactly as it should - and given that this package of both games should be tons of fun. Even playing emulated with cross hairs is quite a laugh. Shooting stuff is always good fun.
Definitely a package a GX4000 owner needs. Light guns if they work correctly have always been great fun, its nice to have some different for the console and if you're lucky enough to find one of these then I'll bet that you'll find yourself more on this than the vast majority of games released just as carts...
Light gun package! With 2 great games at a decent price ... doesn't get much better.
AI & Challenge
No real 'AI' to speak of, but lots of variations of enemies on Enforcer. Sometimes grannies are actually evil and suddenly pull a pistol on you - so you have to keep on your toes but try and avoid the innocents! Quite a nice variety and scale of challenge.
GX4000 Features
Lovely use of colours and hardware sprites, no DMA music of course, but top marks here.
Summary A must have package for any GX4000 owner, brilliant fun - but good luck tracking one down.
Final Score 90%
No cheats found.
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Further more...
  Amstrad Action final score : %
  GX4000.CO.UK game ranking : #
  Game value (boxed + instructions) : £50 - £300

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