Publisher : Ubi Soft
Release date : 1990
Genre : Sports
Players : 2
Game description...
"Okay Tennis Ace, now's your chance to compete with the best. Step into center court, tighten your grip and prepare to serve up your best shot. Pro Tennis Tour is about to begin."
Programming :
  John Wildsmith
Graphics :
  Stephen Day
Music/Sounds :
  Nick Jones

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Editors review...
Pro Tennis Tour review coming shortly.

  Stunning graphics, animation and use of colours. 16-bit standard although a little bit blocky in places.
An OK title tune, although nothing else.
As expected lots thwacks, cracks and beeps for an out of court ball. No crowd noise oddly.
Quite a few options available especially for practicing, but rather lackluster menus and info screens - just yellow text against black background. Poor effort until you get to go in game and wow! Some work and care has gone into this, I even like the spinning tennis ball on the score board at the end of a game. Still, the menu/info screens let the side down leaving a less than engrossing game lacking the atmospher and immersion that you're in an exciting tournament...
Probably the fastest and smoothest tennis game on the Amstrad as a whole, very well done. However the decision to use the 'hold fire / release fire' method and lack of shots lets this down.
The style of play is position and timing based otherwise you have no control over your shots. Very simple. Its a nice gameplay gimmick for a while, where the direction of the ball is determined by your position and speed by when you relase the fire button - it is rather simplistic and wish they'd utilised the 2nd fire button to do something different like a 'lob shot'.
Whether you get bored of the simplicity and want to persue the game further is up to you - personally I got rather bored after a while. More fun in 2 player mode.
It's tennis - usually fertile ground for a good computer game ever since Pong appeared. All good fun. Can't go wrong with the basis, and nice they have included some training sessions for serving and returning.
AI & Challenge
Nicely pitched difficulty and response from your opponents. Good to see they try random stuff like charging the net.
GX4000 Features
It's an update of an existing tape/disk game, but this time they've made a real effort. The graphics have been majorly souped up and looks wicked.
Summary Hard to decide which is the best tennis game - this or Tennis Cup 2 - but this certainly is the fastest and smoothest, and quickest to get into. But it is rather limited so interest may wane fairly quickly. A blast in 2 player mode though!
Final Score 80%
No cheats found.
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Further more...
  Amstrad Action final score : 83%
  GX4000.CO.UK game ranking : #
  Game value (boxed + instructions) : £10 - £30

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