Publisher : Ocean
Release date : 1990
Genre : Shoot 'Em Up
Players : 2
Game description...
"A perfect conversion from the popular arcade game. Conquer the Balloon Invasion in this exhilarating test of your game-playing skills."
Programming :
  Stuart Middleton
Graphics :
  Paul Walker
Music/Sounds :
  'Sound Images'

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Editors review...
Hello and welcome to the best game on the GX4000 hands down. Whether you like action and shoot-em-ups, platformers and puzzle games Pang has it all rolled into one amazing package. From the moment the game boots up with the animated intro and title screens, lovely music and presentation you know you're on to a corker.

The best games are often the ones most simple in concept, and Pang's no exception - shoot and burst the balloons, they split into smaller ballons, clear the screen and move on! Doesn't sound initially exciting huh? But trust me - this game is addictive and ingeniously frustrating making you come back again and again for just one more go! Things are spiced up by having platforms and ladders appear, getting more complex as the game progresses - then throw in dive bombing birds, helpful crabs and angry whelks the game gets very unrelenting! The beauty of Pang is the simplicity - single screen levels that are often cleared or lost in a matter of seconds means boredom very rarely creeps in. Plus the fact that you're travelling the world globe-trotting from country and continent to the next which the levels reflect in lovely backgrounds and music representative of the country or continent you're in leaves you wanting to progress onto the next set of levels to see what's next.

Everything about this game is spot-on perfection - collision detection, responsive controls, speed, graphics, sounds, music and overall presentation. Ocean have done a marvellous job here and really used the GX/Plus palette to full affect. Brilliant, just utterly brilliant.

This is simply the best game on the console and a MUST OWN! Be warned, you'll find on Ebay this game selling as a cheap loose cart - this was a pre-release version sent to magazines and used in the demonstration boxes in shops and is missing the intro and other stuff - but still worth getting if you're going to have to wait a while for the proper release to turn up online.

So in summary ... not just the best game on the console, but one of the best arcade conversions ever made!!!

  Simply stunning, great use of colour especially on the backgrounds that change from country to country themed around famous landmarks.
Title tune and different tunes in game for each country - all brilliantly done, some of the best music on the Amstrad as whole!
SFX isn't sacrificed because there's in game music - there's only the sound of your gun shooting a death jingle as your man bounces off the screen - but what's there is ace.
Another Ocean game, another with first rate presentation all around, from the animated intro screen, the lovely world map to the level complete screen - nothing has been scrimped on. Full marks.
Smooth, fast, and great fun! THE BEST home conversion of the arcade game original, and I mean that. Something to be very proud of, the programmers have done an *excellent* job.
Simple but highly addictive! Amazing fun, especially with 2 players! You may only be bursting bubbles, but a lot of levels with differently placed platforms you really do have to think carefully and plan your strategy.
Will keep you coming back again and again. Difficulty is perfectly pitched, beginners will be able to progress through the first few levels but progressively gets harder. Completing the game will take the hardcore gamer many many hours! Its great that you can skip the easier levels if you wish too.
Travel the world bursting bubbles! A ridiculously simple concept, and very linear but proves great fun.
AI & Challenge
No enemy AI to speak of (except for a few creatures that appear at point to help or hinder your progress) as its the environment and how you burst bubbles that affect the game - so really you are your own worst enemy! So the mark will reflect the challenge represented by the level layout and clever programming.
GX4000 Features
Wonderful use of colours and sprites zip around the screen at speed. No DMA music though.
Summary Who knew bursting bubbles could be so much fun? This is's official #1 game on the console and is essential to own.
Final Score 96%
  Player 1 255 lives -
  &1AA6: ?? -> &FF
  Player 2 255 lives -
  &1AC2: ?? -> &FF
  Infinite time -
  POKE ED3D 00
  (Original value is 35)
  Infinite Lives both players -
  POKE D248 56
  Invincible both players -
  POKE D248 4A
  (Original value is 53)
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Further more...
  Amstrad Action final score : 93%
  GX4000.CO.UK game ranking : #1
  Game value (boxed + instructions) : £60 - £120

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