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Xyphoe YouTube Channel

That’s right, my YouTube channel is well up and running now! I’ll be doing videos for ALL the GX4000 games over time which will be shared in the Gamebase of course. There’ll probably be 3 different types of videos for each of the games – (1) A gameplay run-through of just an example of what to expect, (2) a review of the game with me commenting – haven’t worked out the best way to record me talking yet but this’ll come over time and (3) Walkthrough / Speed-runs – already 2 up there at the moment!

Check out my vids now for a speedrun of Robocop 2 on one life! And also each of the levels for Navy Seals!

So check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel…

Website made live

Ok so the website has now been made live to the public! Hmm I’ve really not finished and tidied everything up to my liking, but my days are getting busier and if I don’t get this online now I probably won’t for ages!

I haven’t written all the reviews in the gamebase, or done the YouTube videos yet – but at least it’ll mean I’ll have something to update on this page to let you know when something goes up :)

So welcome to the site and I’ll be getting some great content, scans and articles up here over the next few weeks!



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