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Brand new GX4000 game – “Bears!”

We are a bit late posting about this, but in December 2017 a BRAND NEW game for the Amstrad GX4000 called “Bears!” was released!

“Bears!” is a Zelda/RPG inspired game, and the story goes –

“You are a plucky young bear living in the forest surrounding Grizzly Manor. Something is afoot, Lady Grumpleton, resident of Grizzly Manor, hasn’t been seen for days. It’s up to you to set out from your cave and investigate!”

In February I did a live stream and longplay of the game which you can watch here!

The game was made by SOHDE and their website to download the game is here –!.html

So hello and welcome to all the new visitors who’ve come across this site from the recent Retro Gamer article (see previous post!), to say ‘hi’ to you all and give you a good overview of the GX4000 I made a fun new video where I attempt to play and review 25 GX4000 games in 25 minutes (ish)!

I’ve also made it to celebrate 25 years of the GX4000, and come September I’m sure there’ll be a bigger and better video for it.

Anyway, enjoy!

Retro Gamer Load 143

Retro Gamer Load 143

So the latest issue of Retro Gamer magazine is out! It’s issue (load) 143 and there’s a nice 6 page spread on the GX4000 console!

The article itself!

The article itself!

This is to celebrate 25 years of the GX4000…

Featured on the front cover!

Featured on the front cover!

And nice they manage to get it on the front cover in some capacity!!

I get special quoted!!

I get special quoted!!

But also, they interviewed me for the article if you can believe it!! I’m so very happy and excited about this! And they even large quoted me there!

And a very nice shout out!!

And a very nice shout out!!

And gave me a shout out at the end of the article including for this very website!!

It’s a fantastic 6 page article, and probably the best I’ve seen on the console so far with interviews of Roland Perry (Amstrad), Rod Lawton (Amstad Action magazine), Stuart Middleton (Pang programmer), Ivan Horn (Robocop 2) and Robert Hunter (Burnin’ Rubber)!

Check out my YouTube video of this below –

Out of the blue, a YouTube user by the name of “TheOppositeOfJesus” has uploaded LIVE video footage of the holy grail of GX4000 games in action!!

Nothing more is known about this user as of now, but we sincere hope that they assist us with dumping this cart, which can be done completely safely.

We will attempt to contact this person, hopefully they’ll be nice enough to respond and help us out here.


New video added to the YouTube channel – a longplay of Operation Thunderbolt on the GX4000 through to completion :)

Hope you enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Lots of updates!

Happy new year to you all! And lots of new updates for you in the gamebase site…

  • Review added for Wild Streets
  • YouTube videos added for Super Pinball Magic, The Enforcer (Trojan Light Phazer), Wild Streets and Copter 271!

  • Review scores revised for Copter271, Wild Streets and more!
  • More full reviews for the remaining games without one being completed as we speak!
  • Plus special videos for 2 brand new releases not for the GX4000 but related as they have enhanced features! One for the 6128 Plus machine (Rick Dangerous 128+) and one for 128k machines (Star Sabre 128)!


Hi guys,

Sorry for a long period of in-activity on the site, 2009 ended up being a very busy year for me. Well to make up for this and as a special Xmas treat, I’ve put up a long-play video of Barbarian II : The Dungeons Of Drax on YouTube played right through to the end!

Also I hope you managed to catch and notice my long-play and completion of PANG video??


Xyphoe YouTube Channel

That’s right, my YouTube channel is well up and running now! I’ll be doing videos for ALL the GX4000 games over time which will be shared in the Gamebase of course. There’ll probably be 3 different types of videos for each of the games – (1) A gameplay run-through of just an example of what to expect, (2) a review of the game with me commenting – haven’t worked out the best way to record me talking yet but this’ll come over time and (3) Walkthrough / Speed-runs – already 2 up there at the moment!

Check out my vids now for a speedrun of Robocop 2 on one life! And also each of the levels for Navy Seals!

So check out and subscribe to my YouTube channel…

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