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Cartridge rarity and Ebay guide

Over the years I’ve managed to purchase all the GX4000 games off Ebay. I’m only missing boxes and manual for about 3 games, the Trojan Light Phazer, and of course the legendary Chase HQ 2 (more on that another time). I’ve been watching Ebay at least once a week since about 2000 and have traded many GX items to achieve my collection, which is still yet to be completed, but I believe I have a good enough level of experience here to share what I think you should be paying and what they should be valued at.

Recently there have been many ‘bootleg’ games appearing – I own some of these, and it is great to have some games on cart that were never released on this format like Gryzor, Fluff and Chase HQ, unfortunately it has led in the last few months to rarer games that were officially released being bootlegged (is that the right word?) so are you being ripped off? Does it matter they weren’t the original game that was on the cart? Again another topic for another day, but in the mean time I present you with my cart rarity and Ebay guide for you…

Click HERE to view.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome.

Welcome to the new GX4000 site!

Hello and welcome to my little site dedicated to the GX4000 console. You’ve reached the ‘main site’ where I’ll be posting articles, interesting info, news, interviews if I can get any that are relevant(!) and anything else that I can get my hands on!

As you’ve probably found already there are 2 sections to the site, here the main site as described above and also the ‘gamebase’ section of the site where there is information, screenshots, cheats, reviews, videos and downloads for each game officially released.

This is really just a bit of fun for me and something to do in the little free time I have (I am a very busy guy!), but mainly to just re-introduce me to web design again after so many years. The gamebase section I’ve completely hard coded myself in PHP and MySQL, but as for this section I’ve settled on a WordPress base just to get something online otherwise I’ll be forever more coding something similar. I’m not a big fan of CMS and WordPress (there’s been much swearing at things that don’t work like they should) but for now at least something is up online, so in the coming months you’ll probably see some changes!

I’ve loved all my Amstrad related stuff for many years and I just felt that a good all round encompassing website would be a nice tribute to this often laughed at console – given how little was released in support of it there’s not a great deal to add, but rest assured there’s always something to be made a record of. So I decided to do a site that contains everything you need in one place and to share some nice memories. There are many great Amstrad sites on the net that have GX4000 stuff including’s gamebase,  John King’s PCWKing site listing all the games, who scanned in all the manuals, the CPCWiki with various info – all great work for sure – but I felt the need to pull it all together into one place with more detail. It’s not designed as any kind of competition, but another contribution to the ‘scene’ as a fun tool and to keeping the Amstrad alive in the minds of everyone as long as possible.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and be sure to check back once in a while for new content and updates of course :) In the mean time I’ll be creating some YouTube videos and starting writing out the articles I have in my head to do…



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