Over the years I’ve managed to purchase all the GX4000 games off Ebay. I’m only missing boxes and manual for about 3 games, the Trojan Light Phazer, and of course the legendary Chase HQ 2 (more on that another time). I’ve been watching Ebay at least once a week since about 2000 and have traded many GX items to achieve my collection, which is still yet to be completed, but I believe I have a good enough level of experience here to share what I think you should be paying and what they should be valued at.

Recently there have been many ‘bootleg’ games appearing – I own some of these, and it is great to have some games on cart that were never released on this format like Gryzor, Fluff and Chase HQ, unfortunately it has led in the last few months to rarer games that were officially released being bootlegged (is that the right word?) so are you being ripped off? Does it matter they weren’t the original game that was on the cart? Again another topic for another day, but in the mean time I present you with my cart rarity and Ebay guide for you…

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