Hello and welcome to my little site dedicated to the GX4000 console. You’ve reached the ‘main site’ where I’ll be posting articles, interesting info, news, interviews if I can get any that are relevant(!) and anything else that I can get my hands on!

As you’ve probably found already there are 2 sections to the site, here the main site as described above and also the ‘gamebase’ section of the site where there is information, screenshots, cheats, reviews, videos and downloads for each game officially released.

This is really just a bit of fun for me and something to do in the little free time I have (I am a very busy guy!), I’ve loved all my Amstrad related stuff for many years and I just felt that a good all round encompassing website would be a nice tribute to this often laughed at console – given how little was released in support of it there’s not a great deal to add, but rest assured there’s always something to be made a record of. So I decided to do a site that contains everything you need in one place and to share some nice memories. It also serves and introduction for me back into web design, so you may see for example this section of the site change in style and look over time – as for now I’ve just settled on a WordPress blog for this section of the site just to get something up online; perhaps later on down the line this will develop into something entirely different.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and be sure to check back once in a while for new content and updates of course :) In the mean time I’ll be creating some YouTube videos and starting writing out the articles I have in my head to do…