Well folks, it was the day of reckoning for this saga and auction… and it’s finally been sold – auction ended.

So you ready for the winning bid? I’m sure you’ve already been following the auction and know already but in case you missed it…..

FINAL PRICE – £908.67

Yikes!!!! That’s right guys, over £900 … so at last we know the top value for this game. Maybe this will spur a few other people out there to put their copies up for auction as there must be several more at least out there. At least we know that now. All that’s left is to hope and pray the winning bidder will dump the ROM for everyone in the Amstrad community to play this game via emulators. Over on the cpcwiki.eu forums a respected contributor there has developed the hardware to safely dump this cart without any danger of causing damage to the cart and avoiding the old/common method of cracking the casing open.

Please, we urge whoever won this auction to get in touch with us here and we’ll arrange delivery of hardware, instructions for use and an easy quick way to do this. Email me us here – xyphoe [ at ] gx4000.co.uk