After several years of absence on eBay and following on the heels of “Dick Tracy” recently – the even rarer “Mystical” arrives and goes for a high final price of £112.49!

Mystical eBay auction page

It’s hard to remember, but unless I missed it this was the first time I’ve seen it on eBay in potentially 7 years. This would make it rarer than Dick Tracy, Copter271, and Panza Kick Boxing where each of them have appeared at least twice in the last few years! But back then Mystical had appeared at least a couple of times, but then for years – nothing! Strange and funny old world retro collecting is. Maybe we’ll see a couple more copies surface now that it reached a high price?

Buyer beware though, as far as I can recall it’s identical to the tape/disk release on the normal CPC! Whilst nice looking, it’s actually a fairly average vertically scrolling shooter.